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Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear diary,

Well not too far a ramble tonight as it was experiment night, first with the tripod and then with the lens focussed firmly on the rising moon - or at least focussed on where it was anticipated it would rise.

Stumbling down the gravel road in the semi dark, the moon was nowhere to be seen. The night before, on our way home, it was soon winking on the horizon in all its glowing glory after the fiery sun had retreated. Like funicular spheres, one down, one up.

So where was it tonight?

It was a game of patience, diary dear, standing in the dark with collar pulled tightly around - and almost groping in the dark for the camera and tripod set up in just the best vantage spot.

Ho hum, Mr Moon, where are you...

Scouring the darkening hilly horizon, it was a guessing game for a time as from which bit of the hill the first aspect of the moon would emerge...

Rising moon

Patience was eventually rewarded, little diary, as the light brightened in an ever increasing arc about the distant horizon and the first inching into view of the glorious moon appeared.

The vast dome of night sky was crisp and clear and as the burnished-gold orb gradually emerged mid narrow clouds, its beauty, as ever, was breathtaking.

But where to focus the lens. Where was the image? It was all blackness. Some tweaking of the settings this way and that and very soon all was in order and the moon could be seen, albeit shakily, as perhaps the lens and tripod were not compatible companions - or maybe it was just me...

Some images taken, then a retreat indoors for an hour or two, to allow this night's moon to rise high in the sky.

Moon via increased lens size

Lens capacity increased and off the tripod and resting on a fence post and aimed upwards and the last images for the night were gathered in.

In some respects they're not exciting images, but the moments were, under the starry sky as the earth continued on its eternal orbit for another 24.

Full moon high in the sky...

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