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Written by Rose on 24. Nov, 2014
Thanks, Liz...
Written by Liz Russell-Arnot on 24. Nov, 2014
Hi Rose,
I agree, you should produce a purchasable product out of these works... put your writing and photographs together to produce a photojournalistic masterpiece
Written by Rose on 30. Apr, 2014
Hi Lyn, I've only just discovered your message today (May 1). Thank you for calling in. I haven't been able to write up much about my many rambles lately. It was going to be 'my' year but as always happens other writing intervenes - and now photography has overtaken me and the twin passions have become hard to reconcile! To see more of my local images do visit https://www.flickr.com/photos/rosesimages/ as I post new photographs there regularly.
Written by Lyn Reeves on 15. Apr, 2014
What a delight to discover your blog and read of your ramblings through our beautiful island. Your photographs are stunning! I will be back.
Written by Rose on 20. Nov, 2013
I am working on something right now, Wendy, but I don't think it'd be in the marketplace by Christmas...
Written by Wendy Honnor on 19. Nov, 2013
Lovely to see your beautiful Plovers Rose. Your photography is MAGNIFICENT!! Put some in a book of Tasmanian photos and I will buy a dozen to give as Christmas gifts!! Love Wendy x
Written by Rose Frankcombe on 5. Nov, 2013
Congratulations, Merlene, you are the first one to enter the Guest Book... Thank you for your comment. Stay tuned for the latest rambling, if the photos are good, and I'll know in a few moments, I know you'll enjoy them...
Written by Merlene on 3. Nov, 2013
Loving your ramblings, Rose... Ah, ah! I get it. Ramblin' Rose...