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Spring Blooms

Tulips blowing in the breeze, Table Cape, Tasmania, Australia. Image: Rose Frankcombe


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October 16, 2013:

Dear Diary,
What was the highlight of today? Was it the easy trip along the coast, making it to Wynyard at a respectable hour for lunch? Or was it the chilli-lime marinade on the fresh fish cooked and eaten on the banks of the Inglis River? Or was it the annual pilgrimage to the Table Cape Lighthouse, where the wind was so strong it threatened to blow humans six paces backwards for every one step forward, or by its very ferocity to unhinge car doors and hurl them into the boiling sea below the cliffs and juddering the car enough with a threat to lift it upwards and over too (I exaggerate here a little (a lot) but it’s almost true)...

Dutch iris growing on the headland, Table Cape, Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia. Image: Rose Frankcombe
A small, bedraggled rooster battles the wind near Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia. Image: Rose Frankcombe

Or was it the darling little rooster who made himself known in a place that shall remain a secret for his protection from two-legged predators, if you get my drift... He was the most gorgeous, friendliest, quietest, loneliest little chook I’ve ever seen... That was a sad parting, leaving him behind to continue to wander his world alone... Awwww... Sob... Well, one could console oneself by imagining him finding his way home to a dry roost out of the wind with a clucky hen or two for company overnight. Aaaaah... Smiles...

Or was it the fleeting delight of the tulips in all their striated glory, with the indomitable photographer, moi, stoic and determined to get up the rise to the purple ones! Even after declining the very generous offer of an umbrella ala the establishment who it appears may have come dashing after me with the offer. An extremely kind gesture but impractical in the moment. Imagine now, dear reader, an umbrella as bright and cheerful as the tulips, and the awkward photographer, all fingers and thumbs trying to grapple the camera - and the brollie that’d more than likely blow inside out anyway! It was an impossibility. However, now further imagine this, the storm over the rainbow fields intensifies and one bedraggled woman of a certain age who possibly should have known better than to stay out in the rain for so long, was probably not seen wending her way back to a warm, dry motor car by anyone, as everyone else had already run for cover ages ago. Now further imagine the flimsy waterproof coat flapping in the wind, with the camera tucked under it, and only scant protection over certain parts of her frame while the rest, especially the back of the legs - and even the woolly sleeves extending beyond the waterproof material - and the hatless head for that matter - all quickly becoming sodden... Hmmm...

Golden tulips bloom amid the rainbow fields of Table Cape, Tasmania, Australia. Image: Rose Frankcombe
Rainbow stripes decorate the landscape at Table Cape, Tasmania, Australia in October. Image: Rose Frankcombe.
Rich cerise tulips grace the fields of Table Cape, Tasmania, Australia. Image: Rose Frankcombe
White tulips sway in the strong breeze passing over Table Cape, Tasmania, Australia in October. Image: Rose Frankcombe
Pink-edged tulips sway in the breeze in the fields of Table Cape in October. Tasmania, Australia. Image: Rose Frankcombe

A kind driver who shall remain nameless did sight this wretch of a woman emerging along the muddy red-dirt track from the misty fields behind her and took great pity on the bedraggled creature, by driving forward in a chivalrous manner to wield the chariot crossways over the public drive so she could simply walk straight to the chariot door, discard the coat and enter the cocoon of warmth to recover from the climatic adversity she had just encountered... A big green tractor had been huffing along, snorting impatiently behind her (well, maybe not snorting, but this adds drama to the story), she gives an apologetic wave to the driver as her chariot is turned to an outward direction and away it rolls for another year...

A view on a fine day from Table Cape, Tasmania, Australia. Image: Rose Frankcombe

A turn around the headland, past Murdering Gully Road, past the scenic lookout from where very little could be seen in the mist, and onwards to a place which in the past had not given her the same scenic pleasure as it did today. She saw this aqua bay through new eyes, the white surf rolling into the sandy bay and crashing over the dark, lava-thrown rocks of millennia ago - and right on the foreshore there was a cafe beckoning - and it was open. Fresh apricot muffins and hot, rejuvenating coffee sipped greedily while rain continued to splatter the glass was pure bliss... Oh, and the the place was...? Boat Harbour of course... The climatic extremes eased a little (and she’d taken time to change into dry clothing, an absolute bonus, purely serendipitous the bag of old saggy pants and top were still available in the plastic supermarket bag in the boot of the car... Sure, it was all a mismatch, and perhaps more than a little daggy, but she didn’t care, it made her feel warm and dry - and it made her smile! The weather had eased slightly, so back to the headland for a photo op or two more... Then the return journey began. Once again, pouring rain - and headlights to contend with - and cars going much faster than she... A final photo op at the nature reserve just outside Penguin - and all the way home - by 9.00 p.m. Ouch... Late... But great...

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Signpost, Murdering Gully Road, Table Cape, Tasmania, Australia. Image: Rose Frankcombe
A friendly little chook who made himself known on a climatically challenging day at Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia.
An aspect of the Table Cape lighthouse, near Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia.
An image of some vibrant tulips taken in the rain, splotches on the lens and all, Table Cape Tulip Farm, near Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia.
An image of Boat Harbour, North West Coast, Tasmania, Australia.
A misty image of one of the islets that form the Three Sisters bird rookery near Penguin, Tasmania, Australia.

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